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Blackstar Tactical Solutions LLC

Blackstar Tactical Solutions
is a West Michigan based firearms training team. At Blackstar we believe that it's the application of fundamentals, done perfectly every time, at speed and under stress, while performing other tasks, that makes one an accomplished shooter.

At BTS our goal is to provide the civilian market with relevant, high quality, tactical firearms instruction. Our staff of former military, law enforcement, and security specialists believe that it is every citizens right and responsibility to provide protection for themselves and their families in these difficult times.

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Blackstar Tactical Solutions offers State Certified CPL classes which meet the training requirements necessary to apply for your Michigan Concealed Pistol License.

If you have a group interested in receiving their Michigan Concealed Pistol License please contact us through the above link to schedule your class.

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From the Gallery


2014 Training Schedule


APRIL 12  -  CPL
APRIL 26  -  Level I Pistol

MAY 10  -  CPL
MAY 24  -  Level I Pistol

JUNE 7  -  Level I Pistol
JUNE 21  -  Level I Carbine

JULY 19  -  Level II Pistol

AUG  2  -  Level I Pistol
AUG 16 -  Tactical Shotgun

SEPT 13  -  Level I Pistol
SEPT 27  -  Low Light Pistol

* Private classes available on request