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Blackstar Tactical Solutions is a West Michigan based firearms training team. At Blackstar we believe that it's the application of fundamentals, done perfectly every time, at speed and under stress, while performing other tasks, that makes one an accomplished shooter.


At BTS our goal is to provide the civilian market with relevant, high quality, tactical firearms instruction. Our staff of former military, law enforcement, and security specialists believe that it is every citizens right and responsibility to provide protection for themselves and their families in these difficult times.

BTS Classes

Fundamentals, strong and weak side manipulations, malfunction clearing, ground fighting, team concepts, low light/no light… BTS offers classes intended to elevate the novice and test the professional. 

Shooting Range

4697 34th St. Zeeland, MI 49464  Get Directions

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We should be speaking with you in the future as well. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Contact Us.

2020 Calendar

April 25 Level 1 Essential Pistol

May 09 Level 1 Essential Pistol

May 23 Level 1 Essential Pistol

June 13 Level 1 Essential Pistol

June 27 Level 1 Essential Carbine

July 11 Level 1 Essential Pistol

July 25 Advanced Pistol

August 08 Level 1 Essential Pistol

August 22 Level 1 Essential Pistol

September 19 Low Light / No Light Pistol

Client Testimonials 

I highly recommend taking this class if you are either lacking confidence in your ability to use your pistol to its full potential or feeling like you just need to know more than what you already know. These guys are no joke! Keep an open mind and you will walk away with a gift .

- Michael Aalderink

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