This is Blackstar’s first level Tactical Carbine class. This class will introduce the shooter to the proper techniques needed to sight, load and operate the magazine-fed tactical carbine.

General Information:
Class size 10
Cost $165
To be held at 1300 136th Ave, Wayland, MI
CPL or other firearms training
Gear selection/maintenance
Proper stance
Sight-in with metallic and optical sights
Proper use of holdover
Loading/reloading techniques
Malfunction drills
Required equipment:

Carbine (AR15, AK47/74 or pistol-caliber carbine)
Pistol or revolver (no .22LR cal)
500 rounds of carbine ammunition
100 rounds of handgun ammunition
Minimum 3 magazines each for carbine and pistol or speed loaders for revolver 
Good quality handgun holster (no Serpa, cross-draw or shoulder holsters)
Magazine pouches for carbine and pistol magazines
Carbine sling
Ear and eye protection
Recommended equipment:

Fluids and snacks to sustain you for 8 hours
Insect repel

Level I Carbine